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We can’t do it without you.

Relief Air Wing is a collaborative effort. We need more people.


We want to connect and collaborate with other relief organizations. If you are involved in Disaster Relief work, share your details and let’s work together!


If you can offer the use of an aircraft, please tell us, and we’ll match you to a relief effort. Especially useful are freighters, corporate jets, helicopters, and floatplanes.


When disaster hits, it’s all hands on deck. We need more hands. If you can offer your time during a disaster relief operation, please register as a volunteer!

See below for more on the type of work we need help with.


If you are an expert in your field, we’re grateful for your guidance. Right now, we’re especially interested in these areas.

  • Meteorology
  • Disaster Relief operations
  • Mapping/GIS


Flight planners: Help operators build ATC compliant routes into and out of affected areas.

Contactors: Start making calls – airports, ATC, operators, local agencies – both in the days before and the hours after a hurricane hits, to get information on the status of airports and local areas.

Connectors: Make contact with relief organizations that are responding, brief them on what we know, ask where we can help.

Collectors: Push for pilot reports from the scene, using a guided format, and feed that information into our system so we can share it with others.

Meteorologists: Assess the storms travel, impact, look at the post-hurricane met situation, monitor for further poor weather.

Map makers: We need to make maps of the hurricane impact, airport status, draw TFR’s.

Volunteer coordinators:  Activating volunteers when they are needed, figuring out who can do what, what times they are available, and keeping them updated on our progress.

Social media: Preparing updates, briefings, using SM to search for situational information, connecting with others involved.

Relief coordinators: Overall coordination of our activities in the relief efforts.

Aircraft matching: When we get offers of aircraft, find the best place for them to deploy to.

Flight requests: Run the system to match “relief workers needing seats and space” … with … seats and space.

There’s plenty more we could use your help with, so don’t be shy about volunteering if you don’t quite see your skillset above.

Join the mission …

Become a Relief Air Wing volunteer.